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Client: The New York Times
Co-Director: Aaron Duffy

Amendment One (Excerpts)

Client: AIGA/NY & Times Square Alliance
Presenters: Times Square Arts and Times Square Advertising Coalition
as part of the Midnight Moment series.
Photos: Ka-Man Tse

A place like Times Square can exist only because the rights of free speech and assembly are broadly defined and protected in America; and yet in an urban environment, these freedoms are also constantly negotiated.

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Serve by American Express

Client: American Express
Co-Director: Bob Partington
Agency: Anomoly


Client: Domtar
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather
DP: Mark Schwartzbard
Line Producer: Alicia van Couvering
Editor: Michael Sullivan

Reel (Montage)

Client: Self-Initiated

Samples of projects from 2004–2010.

Sweat The Small Stuff

Client: Good, Inc.
Production Designer: Cara Brower
Cast: Nathan Kosla, Marina Libel, and Rebecca Newman
Research/Writer: Alexandra Spunt
Production Assistant: Charlie Black
Music: "Bad Robot" by Beatmongers

This was shot in one long take, with the start of each panel staggered to syncronize the activities. A GOOD video produced in partnership with GE Ecomagination.


Client: Winterhouse
Music by Roland Satterwhite
Sound and image: Bryan Sykora and Andrew Sloat

A tribute to the design firm Winterhouse, made for the Art Directors Club Hall of Fame gala in November of 2010.

Ford Fiesta
(dir. Patrick Daughters)

Client: Team Detroit/Ford
Production Company: The Directors Bureau / Client: Ford / Director: Patrick Daughters / Director of Photography: Shawn Kim / Line Producer: Emily Skinner / Executive Producer: Melissa Culligan / Agency: Team Detroit / Chief Creative Officer: Toby Barlow / Associate Creative Director: Andrew Sloat / Copywriter: Shanky Das / Copywriter: Mike McCommon / Art Director: Whitney Jenkins / Art Director: Steve Luker / Producer: Tieneke Pavesic / Post Effects: MPC / Telecine: Mark Gephin / Editorial: Final Cut / Editor: Michael Wadsworth / Composer: Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros / Music Company: Agoraphone / Music Supervisor: Beth Urdang / Sound Design: 740 Sound Design / Sound Mix: Eleven Sound / Sound Mix: Jeff Payne

Trevor Paglen: Invisible: Covert Operations and Classified Landscapes

Publisher: Aperture
Editor: Joanna Lehan

Selected book
AIGA 50 Books/50 Covers of 2010

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Allison Davies: Outerland

Publisher: Charles Lane Press
Editor: Richard Renaldi

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Article II (for BHO)

Client: Self-Initiated
Music: Roland Satterwhite

Welcome, Mr. President.

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Michael Wolf: Transparent City

Publisher: Aperture
Editor: Lesley Martin

Art Director’s Club 88th Annual Awards, Gold Medal

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22nd Amendment

Client: Self-Initiated
Music: Roland Satterwhite

The United States Constitution, Twenty-Second Amendment, Section One.

More Perfect Union

Client: Self-Initiated
Music: Roland Satterwhite
DP: Scott Miller

“A More Perfect Union” spells out the preamble to the United States Constitution with forty friends in a high school gym in New York City.

Beate Gutschow: LS/S

Publisher: Aperture
Editor: Lesley Martin

22 Favorite Photo Books 2007/2008, Kasseler Fotoforum, Kassel

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Eight Experiments for Toby

Client: Self-Initiated

An afternoon’s worth of screwing around, as a memento for a friend’s birthday.

A Perfect Human

Client: Self-Initiated
Cast: Mike Arauz, Catherine Bell, Samantha Hahn, Matt Hopkins, Annie Lok, Vanessa Longley-Cook, Ari Naamani-Goldman, Hilary Mosher, Cristina Septien, Bruce Wallace / Sound recording and still photography: Davina Pardo

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Tim Davis: My Life in Politics

Publisher: Aperture
Editor: Lesley Martin

Selected book cover,
AIGA 50 Books/50 Covers of 2006

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10 Airports

Publisher: Edizioni Press
Editor: Sarah Palmer

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The Pink and the Blue

Publisher: Larry Kramer Institute, Yale University

Wallpaper and exhibition design

Zumbyes in Buckley poster

Publisher: Zumbyes

Why yes, this is a poster for a college a cappella group!